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Things to do list

Postby Corvus » Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:33 pm

So currently I'm using Mint on my PC for basic things like internet, movies, and writing documents. But what else should I do to be a more active and advanced user? Currently I have two things in mind, but I would love if you guys filled in the blanks and suggested more:
-Learn how to use terminal
-Learn how to customize the desktop beyond choosing themes and a wallpaper (I've seen some really cool ones people made for themselves)

*Just so you know, I have zero programming experience.

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Re: Things to do list

Postby xenopeek » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:39 am

A very friendly introduction to using the command line:

As to learning more, I'd recommend installing VirtualBox and running another copy of Linux Mint in a virtual machine. That way, you have an environment to experiment with and not needing to fear / risk messing up your main Linux Mint installation. I've learned the most about Linux by trying to help others on the forums, and from time to time putting something I learned in a tutorial.

If you need inspiration, you could buy an issue or get a subscription to Linux Format. In addition to it being informative and a joy to read, I find they have something that gets me interested in something new each month. Perhaps you can even find it at your local (bigger) newsstand or bookshop, or else you can get it digitally also.

Full Circle Magazine, a community run free magazine about Ubuntu, may be an interesting free option.

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