Ex-Windows user with Apache problem

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Ex-Windows user with Apache problem

Postby HarryF » Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:15 am

Hi everybody,

as a long time and experienced Windows user I'm now starting to get in contact with Linux (I worked with it several years ago, but had no time to dig deeper into it). In the first step I want to switch a Windows PC in our small company network to Linux. This PC is used as kind of a file server and also as a web server for intranet collaboration tools. Most of the functions are now working very fine exept one, and this seems to be a bigger problem (hopefully not ;) ):

We are working with a self programmed web based picture gallery (PHP/MySQL). This gallery has to pick up the files from an external hard drive. This part seems to work fine because I can see the pictures if I open the picture pages directly. Not working is a selection list which is used to select a picture folder out of the file system.

Now I guess I have to change some rights to access the file system with my web programm but don't know what to change. Can anyone please help me?

I'm sorry when my problem description is not clear enough (maybe it's because of my not so good English). Please ask if you need more information.


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