Parallella - 45Ghz supercomputer for 199$

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Parallella - 45Ghz supercomputer for 199$

Postby hyperfang8 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:04 pm

A kickstarter link:
Basicly they will opensource thei software and hardware if goal is reached.
$199 version comes with 64 cores and ~45Ghz(700Mhz arm9x64)....
$99 version comes with only 16 cores but thats still alot!
It also comes with ubuntu and software development tools.
This guy also points to some realy important questions about hardware and were its headed.
There is only about 8days left and they still have only 401,357$/750,000$ .
I would realy like to see this project come to reality(i'm not payed for this post so its not spam).
Help spread the word.
I would like to write more but there is not anything i can think off :) .

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Re: Parallella - 45Ghz supercomputer for 199$

Postby pickles99 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:32 pm

If he wanted to truly tap into free money he should be tying his hyper fast hardware into Magnetic Resonance Imaging to be able to record people down to their very atoms.

How many people would throw $25,000 at him if he could use his fast hardware to save them onto a computer?

Maybe in 10 years the hardware could be developed to reconstruct someone atom by atom. Bringing them back from dead. They'd only remember being scanned in October 2012.

Doctors could be replaced. If you had hardware fast enough to scan someone down to their atoms your could repair damage to them without surgery. The world would finally have a true medical field able to help people.

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