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gnoppix & networking

Postby narkfly » Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:38 pm

shot in the dark:

my friend has an old dell inspiron 1150, and the networking component on the motherboard is somehow messed up. in ms win xp, doesn't register wired or wireless. in mint, same thing... BUT i tried an old copy of gnoppix 1.0 - and networking works! granted, it still shows the small exclamation mark icon and says weak signal or no signal or something, but he can surf, download, etc - it is functional.

wondering if anyone might know what is different about gnoppix that allowed it to work... different included packages, different agreements with dell or mobo/networking hardware makers, etc? i have tried different live versions of ubuntu (which is what happened to gnoppix) and no dice. another question to ask is if anyone has any suggestions of other distros to try that have similar networking packages with gnoppix. any suggestions?

thanks in advance for any help. :)

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Re: gnoppix & networking

Postby Husse » Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:38 am

The gnoppix home page ranks things in 2003 as what's new :roll:
But if it's based on Debian from 2003 it may well be that the kernel is way different
run uname -a to see what kernel it has
This is really interesting
If this turns out to be some support thing please make a post in the Ethernet section instead of continuing here
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