A new Debian-based distribution (brainstorming by M. Klumpp)

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A new Debian-based distribution (brainstorming by M. Klumpp)

Postby Tonttu » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:01 am

From the developer of listaller (brainstorming session with Dantti):
http://blog.tenstral.net/2013/03/a-new- ... ution.html

Here is a list of points which would define such a project:

Every available package complies with the DFSG and Debian policy.
Packages of DISTRO stay in close sync with Debian packages, changes are preferrably applied in Debian. DISTRO might work as a playground for new technology while Debian is in freeze.
DISTRO stays as close to upstream as possible. It applies as less patches as possible, to deploy desktop environments which look like the thing upstream intended it to look like. Changes for DISTRO are developed upstream and only applied downstream if doing that doesn’t make sense or changes are distribution-specific and can’t be abstracted.
All desktop environments are treated equally. There is no preferred DE.
DISTRO stays in sync with release cycles of KDE and GNOME, to provide developers the latest stable development environment and users a recent version of fresh upstream software.
DISTRO is user-centric. It tries to make the distribution work on as many hardware as possible and to fix any usability quirks which are found. But work on that should go upstream, of course.
At the beginning of a release cycle, packages are merged from Debian and selectively merged from Ubuntu, where it makes sense.
All Debian developers automatically have upload access to DISTRO, so they can upload versions of their packages to the cutting-edge DISTRO and also maintain the Debian things.
All DISTRO developers can upload any package, but are responsible for everything they might break. Also, changes should be discussed with the original maintainer at Debian – this is the person who knows the package best.
DISTRO is not a testing environment for Debian, it is developed like a short-cycle-less-stable-but-usable Debian. DISTRO recommends Debian Stable as “LTS” version.
No CLA is enforced on anyone. People are free to contribute, as well as companies. The project structure is meritocratic.
Features are discussed in the open. If there is disagreement about the direction of the project or about any technical issue, a public voting on this feature is created, where every project member can vote. The vote result is final (but can be changed in future, of course).
Create a well-maintained core, make it possible to install the newest applications on that distribution (by using native packages, Listaller or Glick) Think about rolling releases, where applications are constantly updated and the core stuff is refreshed once a year/every 6 months.
Create an Application-Center and application-ecosystem based on AppStream and Listaller around it. Encourage upstream developers to publish fresh applications there. Make it possible for every distribution to use this solution and help others to adapt it. Don’t try to lock people on that one platform by providing stuff exclusively for DISTRO or making it harder to use it.
Encourage using additional commercial stuff like Amazon searches, magazine stores etc., but make these things available on a separate repository and make them entirely opt-in. Never enable stuff like this by default, but add simple instructions how to use these things for people who want to use them.

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