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Testing Ubuntu Raring

Postby viking777 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:17 am

I have been testing Ubuntu raring daily build over the past couple of days. I suppose for a testing build it is not too bad, although it has a couple of bugs that are serious as far as I am concerned.

Firstly I instructed the installer to install grub to the partition boot record. It installed it to the master boot record instead, thus overwriting my heavily customised grub2 menu (customised to the point of rewriting parts the grub code to rid me of some of it many annoyances). It also completely ignored my Uefi system partition (although it is Uefi capable) and I had to manually create the ESP entry to get it to boot (this is so normal for my system that I hardly think anything of it nowadays :( )

The next problem is that there is a kernel bug in the 3.8 kernel (I know this because Manjaro has had the 3.8 kernel for some time) that prevents me from shutting down if my external hard drive is plugged in! More precisely it depends where it is plugged in! If it is plugged in to any ordinary USB port then the machine will start up but the disk will not be detected, and the machine will reboot when you try to shut down, but if it is plugged in to one of the USB ports in my Express card expansion slot it behaves perfectly normally - Manjaro was exactly the same with this kernel. Even stranger than this, it depends on the make of external hard drive that you use, mine is Western Digital, my wife has a Hitachi drive attached to her machine and it works perfectly when attached to raring on my computer.

The next thing is that once you have Raring you have to ask yourself the question "What is it doing that quantal isn't?" It is a hard question to answer. As far as I can tell it has only one new feature that is of any interest to me and that is in the Launcher quicklists. This allows you to select between different open windows of the same program without using the 'spread' function. So for example if you have two instances of Firefox running, right clicking on the Firefox launcher icon will display the two window titles in the quicklist and allow you to select the one you want to view - a good improvement.

Now for the bad news. Canonical have decided that all program writers have had sufficient time to rewrite their applications to cater for their desktop panel implementation and therefore have removed the 'systray-whitelist' function from dconf editor. This now means that each and every gmail notifier that I have tried (3 so far) no longer works with raring. When I say 'no longer works' I should explain that they all work - you just can't see them or interact with them in any way. It is quite spooky when checkgmail pops up a new mail notification on the desktop out of nowhere, but sadly you have no way at all of interacting with it. Previously adding 'checkgmail' to the systray-whitelist feature (or 'all' would do the same thing) allowed you to see and interact with checkgmail, but no longer. As the alternatives to checkgmail are either sub-standard or non functional (like the gmail web app) this effectively means to me that raring is a distribution that doesn't 'do' email :lol: . If it wasn't so funny it would be serious. (and yes I know I could use Tbird or Evolution, but I don't want to run those programs all day long).

I do not apologise for the fact that I am a huge fan of Unity, I think it is the best thing that has happened to the Linux desktop since I first saw KDE in 1999, but seemingly, like all desktop developers (KDE a few years ago,Gnome recently), Unity devs have started off with a seriously good product and then attempted to slowly kill off all its functionality. First the launcher 'dodge windows' function went for no good reason at all and now gmail notifiers are being dispatched. I know they would argue that the likes of checkgmail will have to be rewritten, but why, when the 'systray-whitelist' functioned perfectly well?

There is a chance that the gmail notifiers problem will be fixed before final release in which case the extra quicklist functions may be a reason to upgrade from precise or quantal, but if it isn't fixed there are really no reasons to do so. I am glad that I continue to use Mint as well, because Cinnamon is one of those rare beasts, a desktop environment that actually seems to improve with time instead of moving backwards like many others.
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Re: Testing Ubuntu Raring

Postby Orbmiser » Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:40 am

Thanks! Viking777 for a insightful review of what is to come. And was wondering about the next release.
And you gave some important & critical info that may save some newbies from headaches & pain from knashing of teeth! :twisted:
Trying to stay up with being bleeding edge.

Unity wasn't to my liking but don't condemn anyone that finds it great for how they use their system.
Tho am concerned with all the new directions that Captain Shuttleworth is steering may mean stormy seas Ahead! :shock:

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Re: Testing Ubuntu Raring

Postby The Dark Side » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:25 pm

The truth, which unfortunately, since Ubuntu has Unity as graphical environment has been getting worse. Really do not like Unity, it seems a solid and well made desktop. On the contrary, I see it full of bugs ..... No wonder Ubuntu Raring has several errors, not because I'm not surprised ......

The yes I downloaded and tested it Kubuntu Raring Ringtail Alpha 2, actually works very well, and has integrated KDE 4.10, to be an Alpha works pretty well, still has some problems, but you can not ask too much as it is an Alpha version. Let's see what happens in April. Greetings.-
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Re: Testing Ubuntu Raring

Postby craig10x » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:59 pm

I've been testing ubuntu 13.04 w/unity and it has been excellent for me...updates have been extremely reliable...only had 1 minor breakage (VLC media player sound got knocked out) and that was quickly fixed by them (update came within 3 days) and i just had to set VLC back to "pulse audio" and it was back to normal...

Ubuntu 13.04 is going to be a very SOLID release... :D

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Re: Testing Ubuntu Raring

Postby tdockery97 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:14 pm

Also running Ubuntu 13.04, and I have seen many improvements lately. One of the major enhancements I've noticed is that in the Brightness and Lock settings I can now actually dim my screen brightness using the slider. Previously I had to have the ATI proprietary driver installed for this to function. It now works using just the opensource driver. As I spend much of my time on the computer late at night it is very important to me to be able to dim the screen a little.
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