Hobbies, Linux and Woodworking Software

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Hobbies, Linux and Woodworking Software

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Hi Everyone

I'm currently using Linux Mint Debian version and have come back to this version from Ubuntu. I had a few Programs that helped with my woodworking and have had a good run with one in particular. A MS compatible version running under "Wine" for "Optimizing" the cutting of sheet materials - Called Optimik from RK Software http://rksoft.sk/en/ - Now they did introduce a Version 2 - however I found that with my system and setup the screens "Overlapped" and it had some transparency issues so was able to be used anymore.
The v1 however then developed a "cannot print to the current printer setup" problem and couldn't find out what was causing that. So went on the search again.

Found Maxcut http://www.maxcut.co.za/ Optimization sheet software via a woodwork forum. 1st I installed it on W7 and it was a very easy program to setup and run. Tried it on MintD and would not setup at all under Wine. :( Tried to config Wine but it wont Co-operate with this one.

Anyone else tried and successfully running anything like these on Linux that I could also try on MintDeb?

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Re: Hobbies, Linux and Woodworking Software

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For my old legacy Windows programs, I use Virtual Box and run a virtual Windows XP guest. You install Windows in a virtual machine then install your old programs in Windows.

Definitely give this a look. https://www.virtualbox.org/
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