reason many will never want Linux in general.

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Re: reason many will never want Linux in general.

Postby Colonel Schell » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:00 pm

Best Buy has decided they will no longer offer Linux Netbooks. They had too many returns from people who didn't realize that Linux meant it didn't have Windows on it. (I'm not making this up.) Even those who realized that Linux was not Windows didn't know that they wouldn't behave 100% the same, or that their favorite trusted apps would not work with them.

I've found the Micro Center guys are very p.c. (politically correct) about your face. (At least to mine; they know who I am now.) One of them once insinuated to my wife that she might not be smart enough to learn she did, and now is quite happy with Mint 7 Main on this desktop (while I have Xfce in a separate partition.)


This is a volatile time for Open Source. I hope we don't sleep through the crisis. If you are wondering what I mean, perhaps it's not time to be napping.
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