How I solved my freezing Linux distros issue

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How I solved my freezing Linux distros issue

Postby menc9re » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:47 am

Hello, since year I have tried multiple Linux distros including CrunchBang, ArchLinux, at least 3 versions of Mint, 3 or 4 different Ubuntus, Fedora, Debian, 32 and 64 -bit versions and all have had one thing in common, during install or after install in desktop they totally freeze, keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, it's not kernel panic, just total freeze where I'm forced to shut down my PC from power button. I have tried on various disks, tested my RAM, tried without external GPU, tried with older and newer kernels etc. nothing has solved it. I have also been able to reproduce this inside Virtualbox on Windows where the virtual guest would freeze but not my host.

Anyway, I decided to give Mint a shot few days ago, same problem again. I finally decided to take away my overclocks and that did it, I have Intel i5-760 that I had overclocked to 3.9 Ghz with ASUS P7H55 mobo, now I've been running Mint multiple hours a day (even +12 hours sessions and then putting Mint to hibernate) without a single freeze. I just thought of posting this for heads up since I've seen lot's of threads on internet about this same problem. Maybe their problems are not solved that way but at least it did the job for me. I posted this to Mint forums because I'm currently using Mint and problem affected Mints too. It was definately not temperature problem tho since after 4 hours of stress test on Windows I barely had ~70 celsius temperature so I'm not sure why exactly Linuxes + my system + overclocking don't play nicely. I would love to get my overclocks back tho so if anyone has any suggestions how to start tracing this issue, it would help. I would like to mention that I'm no Linux-guru so I'm not sure about locations of all system logs etc.

I'm happy anyway that I'm ballin' on Mint currently, it's great distro :D

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