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Tools to make your own distro

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About tools to make your own distro:
YES, there are such tools!
Go to:
[url=]LFS - Linux From Scratch[/url]
and you'll find there all you need to start from scratch.
This is all you need for a startup. As your experience increases, probably you'll be able to craft any distro into a dream one, stuffed with exactely what you (your client/friends) really want.
Once the basic principles understood, you might even make a derived Mint distro, that is tremendously "up to date".
I understood your idea, because I am in the same situation...
IF... for whatever reason my backup tool fails during backup!?!?
Since the latest backup was in august, I'll be forced to update hundreds of packages. Sometimes, it takes less than one hour. But sometimes I get countless error messages, because servers are overloaded...
So, crafting our own DVDs "Latest Mint xx", is highly appreciated, whatever we use it for!
More than that, you can flavor it! Say... "Office Mint" or "Videographics Mint" and so on, according to the basic profile of the desired machine.
Is it for video? Ommit all other packages. For audio? The same. And so on.
Provided that a common HDD nowadays has some 500 GB, there is room enough for at least 3 installs
As long as you keep untouched the packeges and all the rest related to copyrighted stuff, practically, all you do is add/remove packages to the "Core Mint".
Update 1:
Doing a little research and documentation, I found an interesting tool that states it does what needed here:
[url=]Ubuntu Builder[/url]
Maybe I'll test it, since having a distro packed with all the apps needed, is far more interesting than installing from scratch some 9 GB of data!
The site of this tool:
Question is: how FLEXIBLE is the tool?
The answer I think, is "Use it to find out".
Hope it helped! :)
Nothing beats persistence!
Şerban Stănescu
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Post by AnonKS »

The distro I wok on was based of LFS at first. We slowly migrated away though. Now we even have our own package manager, which is just awesome. LFS is a wonderful way to learn Linux from the inside out. I'd recommend it to anyone who's willing to learn (and work hard porting their own packages, building their own repos).

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