Ubuntu 13.10 + Cinnamon or Mint Petra

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Ubuntu 13.10 + Cinnamon or Mint Petra

Post by Kendoori »

Am curious as the prevailing thoughts on this... I have been running Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 but was running into all kinds of quirky Gnome Shell issues. I liked Gnome Shell, but one has to use extensions to make it usable, but there's often issues. I tried Cinnamon early on, but there performance issues for me. I've since removed Gnome Shell, installed MDM and Cinnamon 2 and quickly configured it to my liking. It performs very very well. The question is whether it would perform better if I completely started from scratch and installed Mint Petra (or Qiana when it comes out)?

Also, any thoughts on whether upgrading to 14.04 (along with Cinnamon 2.2) is worth doing?

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Re: Ubuntu 13.10 + Cinnamon or Mint Petra

Post by Kalyk »

If it performs very, very well now then I would not go through the trouble of reinstalling.
I do think going to Linux Mint 17 in a few months is worth it, because of its LTS status, new Cinnamon version and possible other cool stuff.
And than I would choose to reinstall.
I do that by making an extra partition and installing it next to the old version.
Once you're sure it is good you can use Mint Backup to restore installed applications and the data in your home, though I like to start with new configs so I don't restore that.
The real data I have is on my nas or on a data partition.
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