Seasoned system-breaking veteran stories...

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Seasoned system-breaking veteran stories...

Post by apemanx »

I love to read other peoples experiences.
Today I'd like to know your system breaking - learning - rebuilding - stories.

I've broken my fair share of distros. Why? Because I want stuff to work as I want them to work. I'm sure some of you feel the same way, and you will not stop until you get there. I'm one of those - I do not mind failing because at the finish line, I know that there lies success (in some way). I recently broke my LMDE 64 bit to get graphics working after I fixed my sound problem. In my past, when I still lived at home I remember frequently breaking the home system (and fixing it before my dad got home :twisted: ) I was caught here and there. But as this was to better my understanding of a computer I did not think he minded that much. Other than that I often broke installs on my (university) computer to get stuff working and to prove to people that you can run the apps on Linux - or get alternatives.

Anyway, I'm sure there are far more entertaining stories out there, please post them - I need a laugh or some distraction today!
Breaking and fixing is learning! This knowledge gained gives power. And power gives you freedom if used with wisdom!
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Re: Seasoned system-breaking veteran stories...

Post by Pierre »

on a multi boot system:
- install to the wrong partition - zapped the one O/S that was supposed to be the main loader

- update the file that synaptic uses - with the wrong Ubuntu version

- screw the mbr - so that all of the partitions on that hdd - are wiped.
preferably on a M$ PC - that your friend / relative is using.
- whilst fixing a virus effected mbr - right?.
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