would population=more viruses for Linux?

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If Linux becomes as popular as windows in the future will it suffer from viruses?

not at all
yes but very little/barely at all (like mac)
yes as much as windows is now
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Re: would population=more viruses for Linux?

Post by coder123 » Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:10 am

shengchieh wrote:If you are really, really woried about viruses, go with BSD.


Hey this just made me realize the Linux law I guess you could say. If one distro gets a lot of virus action on the net switch to one with a different package system. (.i.e. deb vs .rpm) Although I guess it wouldn't be full proof if viruses went for the kernel (if that's possible) but hopefully with the fact that the kernel is open source it could be patched up quickly. In which case I agree with the majority of votes so far. (that Linux would end up like mac is today)
Linux and most of it's apps are the way it should be for the individual user. Free and and open source. And then there's Redhat for businesses that want to use Linux.

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