Debian founder Ian Murdock passed away

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Re: Debian founder Ian Murdock passed away

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Well, here we are, about a month since this horrible news, and there seems to be no more information about what actually transpired the night of Ian Murdoch's mysterious death. I really keep trying to check on updates via Google, etc., but all news updates appear to have ceased a week or so after his death. All we're left with is that an intelligent, rational, and seemingly calm and peaceful person went nuts, tried to break into neighbors' houses, was arrested, jailed, and let go by police, after which he wrote a bizarre suicide note and killed himself. This, to me, makes absolutely no sense in context of Ian Murdoch's life and demeanor. All we got 3 or 4 weeks ago is that his family preferred to make no statements and were in need of privacy. He was a famous person in tech circles. The squelching of his death circumstances, or at least the lack of effort in further elucidating what actually transpired, is disturbing. If anyone else has further information on this, I wish you'd post it.

I find this "mysterious", to say the least.
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