Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus has been released!

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Re: Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus has been released!

Post by Cobber »

Cobber wrote:I thought I'd see what all the hype was about. So I backed up my Mint KDE installation on my laptop and installed Kubuntu instead.
I tried, I really did. Getting anything to work was like puling teeth. The biggest problem was Dolphin had no Root Actions in the context menu, which prevented me from doing anything with root files, but I half fixed it with an old script.

I loaded Synaptic so I could install my applications and had everything sort of working. Then I tried to change the wallpaper and it went nuts. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

All in all, it was three days of bashing my head against a brick wall. You only had to look sideways at it and Kubuntu fell over. I have restored my Mint KDE installation, and the MBR on the Windows disk, where Grub is stored.

Seeing Mint come back to life was like putting on a favourite jumper, it was a warm fuzzy feeling. I have never had any experience with Ubuntu or Kubuntu as distros, and I never will again. Mint is a much more stable and functional distro, with KDE being a very polished desktop.

It's now 3:30 AM and I will be enjoying a well earned sleep-in tomorrow.
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Re: Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus has been released!

Post by afineman »

Greetings All

I actually feel like I cheating on a spouse by running this, let me explain. I guess you could call me a "Fan Boy" of Mint Mate, I have been using/boasting/donating for almost 2 years and am very pleased with how it has met all my needs.

A couple of weeks ago I blew my MB by hot swapping my HDMI cable, but @ the time not knowing what was blown I got a CPU and MB (AMD, Quard, 2.0 GHZ, @ only 25 watts- Gigabyte MB) I replaced it with a power/heat saving combo. The computer is used as a HTPC so gaming speed was not needed.

I did a fresh install of Mint Mate (I've done this dozens of time, so I could do this with a hangover and 1 eye closed), things did not go well. Kaffiene didn't install correctly (all 3 time I did a fresh install), Netflix and Amazon were more pixilated than ever before. I loaded AMD drivers, made it a little better but not by much and things felt much slower than I thought they should be.

Ububtu Mate was just released so I figured I'd give that a try and it worked out of the box (almost) for me, Kaffiene installed fine but the pipelight/firefox/user agent didn't for Netflix and Amazon. I bit the bullet and set up Chrome and this worked fine (I did try to use Chrome on the Mint Mate install, still pixilated). So I'm back to where I was, Kaffiene to record from a dual tuner set up, New Chrome for Netflix and Amazon, Older Chrome for Hola (you figure out why) and Plex for the home network.

Now before the claws come out, the problem is NOT MINT MATE, the problem is with me. I'm a lazy person and have a short attention span, all of the problems I had setting up the new CPU/MB with Mint Mate could of been resolved (I'm assuming) with a little research, but I'm spoiled (use to having things work out of the box).

A couple of thing I have noticed is how much more similar this new version of Ubuntu Mate is to Mint mate. I've tried U/Mate a few times (the different versions) and with every rev it became closer to what M/Mate is. The graphics are a little better (Icons and such) and it is faster.

So, I'm a cheater, I've snuggled up to another flavor and am enjoying all the little things of something different, I'll will probably stay in this relationship until something else peaks my interest, maybe the coming out party for LM 18.

So that my experience with Ubuntu Mate 16

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