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Re: Antix 15.1

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Moem wrote: Funny how tastes differ, isn't it.
It Is funny how our tastes differ which keeps it interesting. I imagine in a half year that a lot of things could have changed. One thing I have noticed about light distros is the developers are changing them quite frequently.

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Re: Antix 15.1

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I remember playing around with CrunchBang a few years ago, but it was abandoned. There are a couple successors to it. And, it used like nothing for system resources.
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Re: Antix 15.1

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I'm starting to look at some of the light weight distros as my PC needs are not much compared to what others do.

I don't need most of the software that is on the mainstream distros and thought about going with the basic core and then installing what desktop I want and what I need as I need it.
What I do I can do running Linux from Live DVD.

I'm always running across good computers that someone discarded and are still very usable.
So Antix 15.1 is pretty good and doesn't use hardly any resources which in this case is good.

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