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Re: MX Linux

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Moem wrote:
chrisuk wrote: Just right click the menu and change the settings... it's XFCE, most things are configurable ;)

Oh, here's my Whisker Menu on MX LInux 16 - categories on the left:
Yes! Thank you. I just installed MX16 on a crappy and slow old laptop and the menu bothered me for a reason that I did not really understand; it was just the wrong way around! All fixed now.
I must say, if you don't get scared by getting a face full of terminal now and then (I don't anymore, but a year ago... well, let's just say that that was a different matter) it's a very nice distro, great for older hardware!
I think most of were wary of the terminal at first, but we end up using it bit by bit, and in the end finding many tasks are easier than with a GUI. BTW, if any older hardware struggles with MX Linux, just try Antix instead; it's mostly the same developers, and has similar tools.

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Re: MX Linux

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Debian Stable + Xfce is a powerful combination. The only thing that prevent me to try and use MX Linux is the vertical panel. OK this could be fixed by moving it to its "natural" position on the bottom or the top, but the icons on the panel are not well aligned and are not uniform in size. Only minor aesthetic issues, but appearance matters.
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