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AA1 users - Linux4One Light

Postby Katzedecimal » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:47 pm

I have an Acer Aspire One 110L that I enjoy very much. It's a cute little toy for killing time at the doctor's office, writing while on breaks at work (when I had a job... :roll: ), showing videos of my dance performances to friends'n'family... and putzing around with these little netbook distributions :lol:

Up until now, though, I hadn't found any that I found preferable to the default Linpus Light. Most were slower, clunkier and did not perform as effectively. Even the Linux4One main edition is slow and clunky on the 110L's 8GB SSD, as it's basically Hardy Heron GNOME with the Netbook Remix interface on top. But a few days ago, Linux4One released their new Light edition, featuring the LXDE desktop with Openbox window manager, which can be themed and personalised. The edition has been stripped wayyyyy down with only a few programs installed by default (but of course, it has Synaptic, so you can add whatever programs you wish.) It uses VLC as its default media player and IceCat as its browser. It comes with Emesene as its messenger, which I don't use, so I installed Pidgin from GetDeb.net. (I wish Acer would release their Linux messenger program to the world, as it's pretty much what everyone is looking for, a multi-client messenger that handles video and voice chat as well.)

I'm very impressed. Linux4One Light boots almost as quickly as the default Linpus Light, and I daresay it runs more snappily. Battery usage seems to be on par with the default Linpus. The installation size is smaller than the default Linpus, so you have more SSD space available (did you know that the default Linpus Light has Compiz hiding on it? Yeah, 'er, why?' :shock: ) The only fault I've found is with the strength of wireless connection. It's very poor; sitting in the same room as my router, I get only a 60% signal. It was also dropping frequently, but replacing the default GNOME network-manager with Wicd seems to have solved that issue. If I can solve the wireless strength issue (kind of a necessity in something that calls itself a netbook...) then I think this is an ideal distribution for the smaller AA1.
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