Does this mean an end to 32bit Linux Mint?

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Re: Does this mean an end to 32bit Linux Mint?

Post by lmintnewb2 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:23 pm

Actually run 32bit, though the system has a 64b capable processor and 4gbs-ddr2. Also is older than dirt, Dell 1545 bought offa craigslist for all of $90 bucks. So yeah the writing is on the wall for 32bit. Think it'll linger on for quite some time to come though and atm it's my fallback. This old dinosaur laptop blazes along just fine and will likely/hopefully stay viable for quite some years to come. Seriously doubt it'd do any differently w 64bit. I've always been a uber-minimalist and resource fanatic when it comes to computing, any platform.

OS = 32bit Debian stretch minimal netinstall. Really don't see Debian abandoning 32bit until the time is truly right to do so. Just not their style, though many another major gnu/Nix project feels differently and can't help but conclude it's just the nature of the gnu/Nixsphere and what's to be must be kinda situation, shrugs. Oops, also don't see archives going anywhere, anytime soon. So 32bit gnu/Nix is bound to remain readily available for those who absolutely have to have it for quite some time, I think anyway.
Have more than once dorked around with a multiarch OS, ie: A 64bit kernel installed in a 32bit gnu/Nix OS and though only dorked with it briefly here and there, didn't encounter any serious problems while doing so. The 64bit kernel and booting the cpu in full 64bit mode added slightly to memory overhead but was only slight. Vast majority of the rest the software being run on the OS(s) were full-fledged 32bit.

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