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Useful command

Post by lisabonne citadel » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:11 pm

You can see what services your system ativate when it start up...

basicly have 6 levels but you can see easily per example level 5
ls -l /etc/rc5.d

there you can see avahi-daemon, rsync, bluetooth
all of 3 are directly or indirectly remote sharing tools.
if you dont use it ...remove it
sudo aptitude remove ...

on mint something that bored me is the hipotetic idea that wireless connection is disabled... when its not. Because when you start up , the network manager can show all wifi connections that you can connect to...
you can solve this
nmcli radio wifi off on startup applications.
Why you want Cups? You have some printer?
if not , remove cups, because can acts like log system print server.

I hate some guys that have some knowledge and dont like to share it ??
Can you help me more level 7 to infinity ...

ps- i forget this .
ssh - someone trhough your web browser can make an entry with ssh connection...
Only you need to do is putting PermitRootLogin no ... search a little about this command...
NSA SERVERS can connect to your ip easily... if you have ipv6 ativated "the nsa main bot can detect your hardware ID... and if you buyed new with guarantee on some store they will know your name on some place in that time ... seems weird... but its true.
disable ipv6 on gai.conf

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