Some cool tricks with lxterminal

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Some cool tricks with lxterminal

Post by lisabonne citadel » Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:58 am

You can put in your cinnviistarkmenu , two useful terminal commands using the clean lxterminal interface.

You can put neofetch in the same terminal window with vmstat
create one script file with this command (you need to install neofetch from pkgs or ppa from git)
lxterminal -e 'bash -c "neofetch -Syu;vmstat 15 7200 ;bash"'

15 seconds during 7200 repeats

You can put sensors command to check your CPU temperature and Fan Speed with refresh update without needing to launch again.
lxterminal -e 'bash -c "watch -n 2 sensors ;bash"'

watch -n 2 is to apply the same command within 2 seconds

you can set script file properties with read and write permissions and allow to run as program.

in cinnviistarkmenu put the following command
sh /directory/

Some screenshots :



removing colors blocks
go to /usr/bin/neofecth and open with your text editor (root)
press ctrl + f to make a entry search
colors block
and change to no
changing neofetch text colors
search ascii
and make some tests
you can change ascii images if you dont like the standard linux image
simply go to /usr/share/neofetch/ascii
and open the desire ascii and copy the content to linux ascii file and save it.

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