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Favorite tools, utilities, apps, add-ons, scripts, etc.

Postby JoeFootball » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:59 pm

This tip about AutoKey (thanks phd21) got my curiosity going. If anyone has any personal favorite tools, utilities, apps, add-ons, scripts, etc., which they use on a frequent basis, I'd be interested to hear about them.

Examples: firejail guake htop hardinfo axel catfish

Thanks in advance! :)


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Re: Favorite tools, utilities, apps, add-ons, scripts, etc.

Postby BenTrabetere » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:52 am

JoeFootball wrote:This tip about AutoKey (thanks phd21) got my curiosity going

Since the impulse to start this thread was Autokey, I might as well start there. It is a very handy utility for me. I have shortcuts for my excruciatingly long and easy to missplel street address, for common accented characters like ñ and é, and for symbols like ¶ and §. I have a shortcut for a basic template for shell scripts, and shortcuts for frequently used BBCodes (I compose a lot of my posts off-line). Just about any repetitive keyboard activity can be automated with Autokey.

Yelp is the GNOME help viewer. It natively views Mallard, DocBook, man, info, and HTML documents, and the documentation for this nifty utility is criminally inadequate. Once I figured out entering yelp man:inxi from the command line would load the man page for inxi I found it useful for viewing man pages. And, yes, I have an Autokey shortcut for the yelp man: bit.

Terminator has become my favorite terminal emulator. It supports multiple terminal windows and is fully customizable. It opens when I log in, and I have it set up to open two tabs - one is full screen, the other is split horizontally.

curl wttr.in/location
One of the first things I do when I start the day is to check the weather for my hometown withcurl wttr.in/Hattiesburg. This command gives me a 3-day forecast, and I have Terminator set up to run the command at log in.

Poppler Utilities and PDF Toolkit + PDF Chain
Poppler-utils and PDFtk are sets command line tools for working with PDFs, and PDF Chain is a GUI front-end for the most commonly used PDFtk tools. When working from the command line I find poppler-utils easier and faster to use than PDFtk; PDF Chain puts a friendly face on PDFtk.

ImageMagick Montage
One of the last steps in my photography workflow is to create a contact print. A contact print is a collection of thumbnails, and it is nice reviewing a group of the images quickly. There are several ways to skin this cat, and I have used a lot of them - the IM montage tool currently suits my needs the best.

The command I use creates a contact print that has up to 24 thumbnails per page, each thumbnail is 250x250 in size with the filename as a label, and it will generate a multi-page PDF for contact prints of 25+ images. And I have an Autokey shortcut....

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montage -verbose -label '%f' -font Helvetica -pointsize 12 -background '#D3D3D3' -fill 'black' -define jpeg:size=250x250 -frame 6x6+2+2 -geometry 250x250+2+2 -tile 4x6 -auto-orient *.jpg ContactPrint.pdf

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