Kernel 4.14.9++, nVidia (proprietary) and dkms are broken

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Kernel 4.14.9++, nVidia (proprietary) and dkms are broken

Post by catweazel » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:10 pm

This is not a request for help.

For those of you who prefer to run an out of tree LTS kernel and have an nVidia video card, kernels 4.14.9 - 4.14.13 (latest at time of writing) have broken both the nVidia driver and dkms. There is a beta nVidia driver available that fixes the issue for the proprietary nVidia driver but there's no point installing it because dkms is also broken by these kernels. You have two options:

1) Revert to the 4.13 series kernel
2) Go to kernel 4.14.8 and stay there

In either case you will need to wait for dkms to be fixed and for an updated nVidia driver to be released out of beta.

There is a lot of grump going on about this because header changes of the scale introduced into 4.14.9 should never have occurred in a supposedly stable LTS kernel. It turns out some code intended for a 4.15 release candidate found its way into 4.14.9, and it isn't fixed in 4.14.13. In my opinion, the maintainer of the 4.14 LTS tree, Greg Kroah-Hartman, deserves a kick in the pants for allowing this to happen.

Of course, here Kroah-Hartmann blames nVidia.

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