Meltdown, Spectre: How they failed, what do we know?

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Re: Meltdown, Spectre: How they failed, what do we know?

Post by chrisuk » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:38 am

BigEasy wrote:Nothing, nothing changed in our behaivour. Everything as usual: don't install software that not in official repo, enable JS only by your choice, update installed in time. That's all.
If tomorrow MeldSpectre will totally fixed, then will no cancellation of those written in bold above.
Please remember, to stole personal secret data there is lot of more simple mass tricks than MeldSpectre (for example, Mint site hack and stolen data in 2016, and some people installed already corrupted OS because of it).
So, take it easy.
And to reinforce the point:
[...]there isn't any real data to support the ability for these vulnerabilities to be exploited remotely that doesn't involve another common malware delivery vehicle such as JavaScript or phishing email attachment.

So, as said: "take it easy" ;)

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