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Re: Who no longer uses Windows?

Post by ud6 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:20 pm

I used to use Windows at work as there were statistical packages necessary, but then everyone moved to R, which is just as good in linux. Also video editing I used to use windows, then swapped to Kdenlive in linux as it had improved and I could edit HD video only in linux (on dual boot).

Recently I was given a windows 10 laptop to use. But was all blocked by pointless admin restrictions. I had installed mint as dual boot for safety (many times at talks I've saved the day by having a reliable linux system to display PowerPoint slides). After having repeated problems with onedrive, printing and the internet, and having to ask (useless) admin to sort it out, I just booted in to mint instead, copied all my files across to linux partition, and never used windows again.

Linux can take some getting used to, but once you have it how you want it's simply reliable, fast (faster tham windows 10 on my pc) and I trust it. Windows was also allowing lots of rubbish advert messages and firewall problems, huff. Good ridence, and thankyou mint!

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Re: Who no longer uses Windows?

Post by Tomgin5 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:38 pm

I made the switch in the spring of 2016 after essentially giving up on computers. My daughter wanted a reliable and secure laptop to do church work on. I picked up one with Linux 17.2 Cinnamon for her at Freegeek. I updated it to 17.3 then 18.3 last spring. Since I picked it up I converted my old Dell Destro 1000 to to Cinnamon 64 17.3 then 18.3 dual boot with XP 32 to run some of my old expired CAD programs. I have also converted over 200 laptops and desktops to various 17.0 to 19 LM Cinnamon 64 and 32 (depending on hardware capabilities ) with very few failures except SATA plugs and damaged hardware ( ethernet plugs) 95% were dead machines that were bricked with windows. Smallest machine is a 32 bit single core ATOM MSI 8" netbook with 1 MB Ram. The largest is a gaming tower with an i7-4770k ASUS Z97S SLI Krait In a Corsair SPEC-02 case and Hyper cooler and triple 120HZ 24" monitors, GPU 780. :mrgreen:

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