[SOLVED] Why command line still? (newbie)

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Re: [SOLVED] Why command line still? (newbie)

Post by Turbojoe » Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:38 pm

My box HAD Vista on it. Linux Mint 19 is the only thing on it right now. I did a format and clean install.

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Re: [SOLVED] Why command line still? (newbie)

Post by lsemmens » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:31 pm

I find it interesting that my last comment diverted onto the "Copy/Paste" route. I NEVER said anything about copy paste, although I do agree that it is the easiest way to input a complicated command into the terminal. For a Beginner who has NO EXPERIENCE with copy paste, I would ONLY ever tell them to TYPE the command EXACTLY as it is printed. I might also make mention of copy paste, but I would not assume anything.

A good example: My wife, back in the days of DOS/Windows, could not even turn a computer on, let alone navigate the commands or early windoze. However, she had heard me talk people through problems so often that she often answered questions, and solved problems for others without even calling me to the phone. Even now she is only computer literate enough to double click on an icon to open a program and right click to pause the movie she's watching. Give her a text editor and she'd hardly be able to type "Hello World".
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Re: Why command line still? (newbie)

Post by jimallyn » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:54 pm

rambo919 wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:57 am
linux complicates this by having to additionally press the third button shift as well
I've never had to do that. I simply select the text to copy it, then press both left and right mouse buttons simultaneously to paste it. (Or click the center button/wheel.) It's worked that way the entire 16 years I have been using Linux. The only time I have seen Linux NOT do that is in XFCE, and that is easily remedied (on Mint 17.x and 18.x, anyway, haven't yet tried it on 19).

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Re: [SOLVED] Why command line still? (newbie)

Post by michael louwe » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:39 am

@ Turbojoe, .......
Turbojoe wrote:I'm not ranting. I'm just curious why the archaic command line inputs are still necessary.
To convert every Linux commandline tool into GUI tools, like those available in Windows and MacOS, would require a lot of long term financial and manpower resources which most free-of-charge-Linux distros do not have.

Linux's "business" model is mostly based on public donations and volunteer/community effort.
....... OEM & tech company "donations' to the Linux Foundation through hefty annual membership fees have kept Linux kernel development very much alive and Linus Torvald well-off. The OEMs and tech companies, eg Intel, AMD, Google, Samsung, Facebook, Twitter, etc have a business interest in keeping free Linux alive, eg Google does not have to pay M$ for Windows licenses to run her huge network centers for data and web servers and Google also uses her own free Debian-based customized gLinux OS for her inhouse operations.

An OS can only be successful in the mass-market by adopting either of these 2 business models; ...
1. charge users OS license fees directly or indirectly = the very user-friendly and mostly GUI-based M$-Windows and Apple-MacOS.
2. offer the OS to the users for free in exchange for the users letting the OS company display ads on their desktops and sell their anonymized private data = Google-Android & ChromeOS.

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