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NEMO localized UI (on Manjaro)

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:32 am
by _HG_
Hi !

NEMO is developed by the Linux Mint team, but I use it with Manjaro Linux.
I think it is the best file manger, even in Manjaro Linux.
However, I have a problem. I use it on my desktop computer (DELL OptiPlex 790) as well as on my laptop computer (DELL Latitude E5510).
Both running Swedish verion of Manjaro Linux.
The problem is that on the desktop computer NEMO has an English UI, but on the laptop computer NEMO has the wanted Swedish UI.
There is no settings for the language in NEMO.
Why are the UI's different, and how can I get both to have a Swedish UI ?

/ Hans Gatu