Clem mentioned in latest Ubuntu newsletter

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Clem mentioned in latest Ubuntu newsletter

Postby Lantesh » Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:37 am

Mythbuntu and Mint Developers Pan Ubuntu for Strict Time-Release Policy

In an article on Techradar which looked at the upcoming Karmic Koala release of Ubuntu, Clement Lefebvre, the developer of Linux Mint, a popular Ubuntu derivative, and Mario Limonciello, the maintainer of the Ubuntu-sanctioned Mythbuntu media center distribution both took aim at what they saw as the chief weakness of Ubuntu.

"Of course," complained Lefebvre, "[focusing on consolidation instead of cutting-edge features] wouldn't make sense for Ubuntu unless we became an upstream component of their distribution. I'm really happy with what Ubuntu is doing, and if I were to change anything… it would be the commitment to a release schedule and the return of a 'release when ready' policy to guarantee a stronger level of quality against regressions."

"I would prefer that the release cycles were not strictly six months," said Limonciello. "Over the last few releases there have been a variety of bugs that weren't deemed to 'hold up' the release and could just be fixed in a Stable Release Update. I'm of the opinion if you have a fix for the bug that you know works, you shouldn't put off the fix just to meet a deadline for releasing a CD. It's better to include the fix sooner and give a better experience to the user out of the box."

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Re: Clem mentioned in latest Ubuntu newsletter

Postby exploder » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:46 am

Funny, I kind of expected this. :D Mint has been mentioned in the Ubuntu newsletter in the past too.

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