So, "Microsoft" called me ...

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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by Swampthing »

lsemmens wrote:
Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:25 pm
I'm still waiting for them to "fix" my internet, given that they were going to cut me off yesterday, I'm still "not" here. :D

I haven't received those calls a few days now after I told them I use Linux and MacOs.
Next time I'll use the one mentioned earlier "I don't own a computer". :D
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by Pierre »

RollyShed wrote:
Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:05 pm
So I had this call from IRD and an Indian bloke. I asked for his name and said I'd call back. I did and the girl on the line laughed, knowing why I'd done a call back. "It's OK." she said, "It is genuine, he does work for us and I'll do it for you."
it was some years back, and I'd been on the line, with one of the Guys from Clayton ( Telstra )
& I'd asked him, to call the customer, that we'd just assisted - - he said "she will hang up on me".
- - sure enough, she did, and after a brief pause, I'd asked him to call again,
but not say anything, & just let me do the talking - - after which, there was another brief pause.
& he said, very quietly " they always do that"

to which, I'd remarked, that he needed to talk with his "cousins" - - back in India .. ..

the best one that I've even heard of, was an Scottish guy that I've worked with,
and who also had to call the Clayton centre & apparently, after some effort, they agreed to give up,
- - an thick Indian accent against an thick Scottish accent - - just didn't work.
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by MurphCID »

Last time I called Microsoft and got one of their Indian call centers, I had a great conversation with the gent on the other end of the line and spent time talking about things other than microsoft. It was almost hilarious, me with a thick Texas accent, and him with his Punjabi accent (he told me he was from Amritsar).
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by 151tom »

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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by rene »

Just contemplating how lonely life must be for Indian Microsoft employees.

"Hello, my name is Shrinivas and I am calling you from Micros... <click>"
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by AZgl1500 »


My phone rang today, gasp, it was my mechanic saying that our car is ready to be picked up.

My daughter starts a new job "real soon now" and has to have a Right Hand Drive vehicle,
so the mechanic installed a new set of pedals for the right side of the car.
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by majpooper »

It is getting worse - not just 6 or 8 calls on the cell from random numbers but now I've started getting text messages
"View Terms and Conditions https//"
gomob ??????? :?
.la is Laos - how and why am I getting text messages from Laos ? :?
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by trapperjohn »

I told the guy I used Linux and OMG the guy went off and started screaming to take my Linux computer and shove it up my @$$ over and over.
I had a female "technical service" call me about "my Windows computer." When I started to snicker she followed with a lengthy cluster-f##k. When I asked her for her number, she hung up.
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by Portreve »

“My Halloween wish is that, for just one day, no spammers, scammers, or phone solicitors can tell a lie...”

The pen is blue! The g*****n pen is blue!!!
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Re: So, "Microsoft" called me ...

Post by bob466 »

We've got this one 16 times in the last two months...

This is Nicole from the NBN...the NBN is now in your area...your Phone and Internet will be cutoff within speak to a NBN Technician press 1. :lol: :lol: :lol:

This one several times...

This is a Message from Telstra...your Phone and Internet will be cutoff within speak to Telstra press have your Phone and Internet cutoff press 2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

These lowlife scammers have changed Indian accents :shock: but lowlife scammers just the same...I don't waste my time answering them. Image
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