Does age really matter

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Re: Does age really matter

Post by Portreve »

Stages Of Sex:

New Couple Sex: Every day, sometimes twice or three times.

Married Couple Sex: Once or twice a week.

Older Couple Sex: Once or twice every few months.

Hallway Sex: You pass each other in the hallway and shout “#¥*Ω¢& You!”
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Re: Does age really matter

Post by bob466 »

For people...No

For Computers...Hell Yes. Image
Linux For Ever...Windoze Never. Image
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Re: Does age really matter

Post by coffee412 »

Heck, I think I will play Warzone2100 until I die.
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Re: Does age really matter

Post by jameskga »

i could tell catweazel was older than me, but i never would've guessed 80. catweazel, you have a young spirit, which is nice.
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