Netrunner 2 Blacklight

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Netrunner 2 Blacklight

Postby Brad » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:30 am

Tried original Albedo or whatever it's called. Is based on Ubuntu and was awesome. But had to switch back to my beloved Mint. However, have now released new version with KDE instead of Gnome. Anyone tried it?

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Re: Netrunner 2 Blacklight

Postby jlr1701 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:12 am

Saw your post here and decided to check it out. Netrunner 2 looks like a really nice distro, but unfortunately it appears that it is only available in 32-bit. :( If they release a 64-bit edition, I definitely would take it for a test drive again.
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Re: Netrunner 2 Blacklight

Postby brucedp » Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:50 pm

Yes, I have a partition with Netrunner 2 Blacklight installed on my x64 dual core quad processor PC (see specs below), along with a partition with LinuxMint 7 x64 installed. I am unhappy/disappointed with the changes implemented in Ubuntu 9.10 and above. Since LinuxMint is directly based on Ubuntu, I do not like the versions of LinuxMint above 7. Since this will bite me later when support for LinuxMint 7 is stopped/dropped, I have been looking for a distro with yummie LinuxMint qualities.

IMHO: I liked my Netrunner 2 experience.

Its like Netrunner 2 put back most of the changes Ubuntu made (9.10 and above) and has created a distro with a more out-of-the-box experience. It even comes with a GUI modem dialer (kppp) pre-installed that the Linux Mint does not have. Yes, Netrunner 2 is a 32 bit OS but it is quite !fast! and the handy pre-installed OS monitor app shows it uses all four of my processors.

Netrunner's iso file is just slightly larger than what will fit on a CD, so you will have to burn on a DVD and install it from a DVD drive. But it is not crammed with too many (local or cloud) apps that you will have to wade through or deinstall later (like a Knoppix DVD). I feel it has a good balance. I really did not need to remove or add apps, I just did some to test the distro out. My conclusion: Netrunner 2 is a winner.

By default Netrunner 2 comes up in KDE 4 (on the login screen states a GNOME session is available, but I have not tried it), but Netrunner 2 has incorporated some Gnome features & apps making more of a best-of-two-worlds hybrid (again, a winner). By the way, that login screen asks for both the user name (remembered from last time) and the password at the same time. I like this as the asking for each one at a time slows my login time.

The installation was fast and clean, but you will need at least a 5Gb partition as / (root, normally I can get away with a 4Gb partition for most distros). I recommend an even larger / partition size as the distro wants to do many updates including a Linux kernel version update. That point surprises me as Netrunner 2 just recently came out. One would think all the updates would have been already incorporated before they released the distro.

After a couple of reboot and logins, the OS operates much faster, so don't let the speed of the live DVD or the first boot fool you, it gets faster. For a x32 OS, it moves. It is faster than the LinuxMint 7 x64 I have installed. I would say it is as fast (if not faster) than Peppermint-One-06172010 (which is faster than LinuxMint 9 LDXE).

Like Ubuntu 9.10 and above or LinuxMint 8 and above:
Netrunner 2 does not allow a root login, so for administrators or power-users, it can be annoying to be continually prompted to enter the login password for each-and-every system changing function {yes, yes, yes we all know a root login is a no-no, let us not waste time discussing that].

Netrunner also uses Grub2, so because of security implementations, to modify the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file to make the boot menu look the way you want (rearranging the order, set the default and or timeout, etc.) will require you use CLI (command line crap which is hard / confusing for noobs). But all other system adjustments are straight-forward and handled with easy-to-use GUI apps.

There will always be things that individuals will find they are not happy with about a distro. LinuxMint used to be, but now Netrunner 2 is the most out of the box experience (it all just works) distro I know of.

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Re: Netrunner 2 Blacklight

Postby BubbaBlues » Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:35 pm

I installed it on another partition. It does seem like a really nice distro, but I didn't find anything that impressive about it. It comes with a lot of nice pre-installed stuff that I don't want, but it is nice. Mint KDE is better IMO.
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