How long can we go on like this? - Wireless.

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Re: How long can we go on like this? - Wireless.

Postby vincent » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:48 am

I'd still think that there are more Linux users who are able to setup and use wireless without a hitch, compared to the smaller numbers of Linux users who are having trouble with wireless. However, the latter group of Linux users is definitely more...vocal. :P It makes wouldn't be making a lot of noise if your wireless worked out of the box (in time, you'd just forget about it and take it for granted, like with Windows), but if it doesn't, then obviously you'd be making some sort of effort to find out why and how to get it working.
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Re: How long can we go on like this? - Wireless.

Postby viking777 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:31 pm

lexon wrote:I wish I could give a usable answer. I purchased at Walmart, an Acer standard laptop with wireless and installed Mint 7. Wireless works just fine at home and different access places.
I put PCI wireless cards that I got from ebay in both my desktops that run Mint 7 at home that are about four to six years old and the wireless works just fine.
I do not mess with the OS and added a few applications from Mint.


Wireless always worked on Mint7 (and probably still does) but it doesn't work properly on Mint9 or its Ubuntu parent. This is why it was worth starting this thread. If wireless had never worked in Mint/Ubuntu then complaining about it now would be a waste of time, but it used to work very well and now it works pretty badly for some folk, and that is why I started the thread.
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