I want "Mint Install" in Kubuntu...

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I want "Mint Install" in Kubuntu...

Postby myspacecommassergio » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:26 am

is there any way to get Mint Install into Kubuntu or the package manager that's used in Linux Mint KDE into Kubuntu? I don't like Kubuntu's package manager its to buggy and the search DOES NOT WORK...i have to manually sift through hundreds of packages to install 1 thing that I'm looking for or use the terminal wich I don't want to use EVERY TIME I want something! :s

Reason: Mint4Win doesn't work... so I'm forced to use kubuntu instead of Linux Mint KDE.

The best thing about Mint is it's unique package manager and the fact it includes all codecs. That's what makes this distro a killer. The look is getting old though Mint needs a GUI make over BIG TIME it's been looking the same for way to many releases but that's for another topic.

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