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Idea For Another Monthly Thread - LnF Awards

Postby KittyKatt » Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:33 am

Figured I'd post this under "Chat about Linux and Other Distributions" since it has to do with Linux applications as a whole and doesn't really SPECIFICALLY deal with Mint all the way. :D Correct me if my thread placement is wrong.

I'm not sure if something on here has ever been done before, but on the Arch forums, which I frequent daily and have frequented much longer, we do something called the LnF Awards, or the Light 'N Fast Awards. This is a list of application categories and if you would like to share your opinions on what the best of each category is, you'd post the entire list of categories and place your chosen application for that category next to the given category. And then once I get on and more "votes/nominations" have been cast, I'll update this first post with the total amount of votes for each application, under each category. Might be a bit confusing at first, but here's the thread on the Arch Forums...

Basically, it's a "Best of the Best Applications" voted on by the Mint Community. And, where the Arch forums does it every year, I was thinking about tallying up votes every month, like an LnF Awards of the Month kind of thing. What do you guys think? I'd rather get opinions here about what application categories should be added and ideas on how to make this even more awesome. Once we've decided on how to do it, I'd like to volunteer to make a new thread and keep it updated, but not until we've decided on the format of how we want to do this or if we think it's a good idea at all.

Thanks for the input! :D

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