New FOSS-focused digg-style site needs your participation

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New FOSS-focused digg-style site needs your participation

Postby fsd_dave » Fri Oct 19, 2007 7:27 pm

Hey everyone,

Caveat: please don't take this as spam. I am trying to promote our site but we see our site as your site. Our aim is to promote FOSS and has been created for the benefit of the the FOSS community. If you still consider this post spam, I totally understand, delete it, I won't complain. :)

I run Free Software Daily which is a new digg-style news hub dedicated to the FOSS community.

Because FSDaily is a community driven site, for it to work effectively we really need participation from the whole FOSS community. Currently the FSDaily community is dominated by Ubuntu users (as will be evident by having a quick look at our tag cloud). This means the news and articles submitted to and voted up on FSDaily are fairly biased towards the Ubuntu distro and its community. I would really love it if we could see some more Linux Mint related news and articles submitted and voted for on FSDaily.

To this end I would like to invite you all to join FSDaily so that you can lend your community's voice to our community and help balance out the (Ubuntu) bias. :)

So please come along have a peep and if you like it and would like to add your community's voice to the FSDaily community: please feel free to read, or register (for free) so you can submit, vote and comment. Preferably the latter. We have tonnes of readers but not enough submitters

Just to indicate our dedication to the FOSS community:
  • While the site is currently based on the Pligg CMS, due to some (let's just say) "funny" things going with Pligg and its development and licensing, we have been designing a Drupal module to emulate all of digg's core features. You will see it being released under the GPL very shortly. We want to give back whatever we can to the community
  • We am to have a truly transparent system. Formulas for promotion and burial will be open and we will take community feedback for improvement.
  • We have a "No Microsoft Ads" policy. We will not sell out like many other FOSS and GNU/Linux oriented sites. If you see a pro-MS ad appearing in our google ads let us know and we will block that URL.

On a side note about ads, once the new Drupal system is in place, I will try my best to set it up so that you only see ads if you aren't logged in or if you are an inactive user (i.e. if you rarely to never comment, vote or submit). Unfortunately, we do need the ads to cover maintenance costs otherwise I would remove them altogether. If we can ever get to the stage where we only advertise for or get sponsorship from FOSS projects or pro-FOSS companies I will be very happy.

Anyway, I hope to see you there.

And, either way, all the best.


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Postby civint » Sat Nov 03, 2007 4:26 pm

you can expect me to attempt to find interesting stuff for that! I do attempt to be a bit of a writer from time to time........LOL.

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