one quick question......about cracking.

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one quick question......about cracking.

Postby tuBox » Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:29 am

does any one know of a great distro or program that i can use to rest (blank out ) an administrator password on a windows 7 netbook? i have done this a thousand times on pc's and laptops using programs like orphcrack, pc login now, bpuntu 10.10 ( this is a good one ) . but i have nnever had to do it on a netbook.
oh BTW its a dell inspiron mini with windows 7 starter on it. my friends daughter set the admin password and forgot what it was. so give it to the linux guy to fix right?!! haha
bpuntu has no video support for a netbook.
and orphcrack can't find the hard drive nor can pc log in now.

im hoping for an iso so i can boot from the usb to the netbook as it does not have a cd drive.

any suggestions.

i would link to the sights where the tutorials and downloads are but i don't want to be the culprit in illegal activity ( if you know what i mean)

just google them

thank you in advance


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Re: one quick question......about cracking.

Postby Oscar799 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:58 am

You admit yourself that that kind of information could be used for illegal activity.
On Mint forum we do not give advice on that sort of thing.
Please look elsewhere for the answer to your question
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