remastersys dead or alive???

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Re: remastersys dead or alive???

Post by podagee »

haha nice one.......
Say it with me,"podagee,....(poh-duh-gee),"
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Re: remastersys dead or alive???

Post by kkshethin »

remastersys is an excellent program. i have used it on easypeasy/linuxmint. it has worked for me every time. it is an excellent one to make backup with even your documents. i have one iso with everything installed even wine and msoffice included.

i am sorry to hear that it was no longer being attended. i can only make request to come back for greater good of humanity.

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Re: remastersys dead or alive???

Post by rijnsma »

May be, but it does not work here now. It was a great tool in former days which saved here a lot of systems...!!
When I install a by Remastersys made livecd/livedvd/liveUSB (when I get sofar) the netconnection fails and no way
to get it started again.

And I don't know what to do about it.

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Re: remastersys dead or alive???

Post by Pilosopong Tasyo »


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