Yleareena tallennus 2018

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Yleareena tallennus 2018

Post by spede » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:55 pm

Sain kuin sainkin homman toimimaan tällä ohjeella, mutta miten saan muutettua linuxin tallentamaan videot muotoon, MKV ei mp4.

Koodi: Valitse kaikki
sudo apt-get install rtmpdump wget ffmpeg python-dev python-setuptools \
python-pip python-crypto python-requests python-lxml python-socks \
php-cli php-curl php-mcrypt php-xml php-bcmath

Koodi: Valitse kaikki
sudo phpenmod mcrypt

Koodi: Valitse kaikki
sudo -H pip install --upgrade yle-dl

Koodi: Valitse kaikki
sudo pip install setuptools

Koodi: Valitse kaikki
sudo pip install yle-dl
Eli miten saan vaikka tästä aamu tv videosta mkv päätteisen
yle-dl https://areena.yle.fi/1-4382025

Nämä löytyy asetuksista.

usage: yle-dl [-h] [-V] [-i FILENAME] [-o FILENAME] [--pipe] [--destdir DIR]
[--showurl | --showtitle | --showepisodepage | --showmetadata]
[--vfat] [--resume] [--ratelimit BR] [--proxy URI]
[--postprocess CMD] [--audiolang LANG] [--sublang LANG]
[--hardsubs] [--latestepisode] [--maxbitrate RATE]
[--resolution RES] [--duration S] [--backend BE]
[--rtmpdump PATH] [--ffmpeg PATH] [--ffprobe PATH]
[--adobehds CMD] [--wget PATH]

yle-dl 2.31: Download media files from Yle Areena and Elävä Arkisto
Copyright (C) 2009-2018 Antti Ajanki <antti.ajanki@iki.fi>, license: GPLv3

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-V, --verbose, --debug
Show verbose debug output

Input and output:
url Address of an Areena, Elävä Arkisto, or Yle news web
-i FILENAME Read input URLs to process from the named file, one
URL per line
-o FILENAME Save stream to the named file
--pipe Dump stream to stdout for piping to media player. E.g.
"yle-dl --pipe URL | vlc -"
--destdir DIR Save files to DIR
--showurl Print URL, don't download
--showtitle Print stream title, don't download
--showepisodepage Print web page for each episode
--showmetadata Print metadata about available streams
--vfat Output Windows-compatible filenames
--resume Resume a partial download
--ratelimit BR Maximum bandwidth consumption, interger in kB/s
--proxy URI SOCKS or HTTP proxy for downloading streams. Example:
--proxy socks5://localhost:7777
--postprocess CMD Execute the command CMD after a successful download.
CMD is called with two arguments: video, subtitle

Stream type and quality:
--audiolang LANG Select stream's audio language, "fin" or "swe"
--sublang LANG Download subtitles. LANG is one of "fin", "swe",
"smi", "none", or "all"
--hardsubs Download stream with hard subs if available
--latestepisode Download the latest episode of a series
--maxbitrate RATE Maximum bitrate stream to download, integer in kB/s or
"best" or "worst".
--resolution RES Maximum vertical resolution in pixels, default:
highest available resolution
--duration S Record only the first S seconds of the stream

Downloader backends:
--backend BE Downloaders that are tried until one of them succeeds
(a comma-separated list). Possible values:
"adobehdsphp" = AdobeHDS.php, "youtubedl" = youtube-dl
--rtmpdump PATH Set path to the rtmpdump binary
--ffmpeg PATH Set path to the ffmpeg binary
--ffprobe PATH Set path to the ffprobe binary
--adobehds CMD Set command for executing AdobeHDS.php
--wget PATH Set path to wget binary

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Re: Yleareena tallennus 2018

Post by administrollaattori » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:24 am

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yle-dl https://areena.yle.fi/1-4382025 -o Ilmastonmuutoksen_vaikutukset.mp4

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