Remove "Favorites" from nemo tree view in LM20.1

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Re: Remove "Favorites" from nemo tree view in LM20.1

Post by GS3 »

roblm wrote:
Thu May 06, 2021 3:26 pm
Here is a method to change that folder without needing to edit and re-compile the Nemo source code. The program Poedit needs to be installed and the Nemo source code still needs to be downloaded. The icon can be changed by replacing the xapp-user-favorites.svg icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/places.
I am not inclined to go to so much trouble for this but I did replace the icon with a plain grey square so now the stupid yellow star is gone and for me that is 50% of the aggravation right there.
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Re: Remove "Favorites" from nemo tree view in LM20.1

Post by absque fenestris »

It's strange that no one has come forward yet who finds the favorites in the Tree View great and indispensable...

There doesn't seem to be any demand for the feature - may we hope for deletion of the same?
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Re: Remove "Favorites" from nemo tree view in LM20.1

Post by marts123 »

Totally agree with all the above.
I mentioned it a month or so back...


I think Ive removed 95% of the new programs that come with mint. I wish there was a basic, no frills version..
Compared with Apple or MS though, we can count ourselves lucky..
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