Wifi problem (driver related I think)

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Wifi problem (driver related I think)

Post by Oblivion »

Ok, I have a D-Link WUA 1340 USB wifi adapter. It was working fine at first, but after around an hour of being connected I lose connection. The light on the receiver turns solid and if I unplug it and put it back in the light doesn't come back on and it isn't recognized. Now the web site offers drivers but I have no idea how to install it, it's just a bunch of random files they expect you to know how to compile.

So can anyone help?

(Note: I've ruled out hardware or faulty USB port because it works perfectly in Windows)

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Re: Wifi problem (driver related I think)

Post by Husse »

It's a Ralink so it should be possible to use ndiswrapper if you got some Windows driver
Check the wiki
I'm not sure about the linux driver - it does not mention Ubuntu or Debian
There is some info for compiling here
http://www.linuxmint.com/wiki/index.php ... eb_package
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