Keys randomly not working

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Keys randomly not working

Post by unreal223 »

Is it a documented issue for mint to randomly have keyboard keys not work? Everything was working fine for the last few days and then randomly a few keys on my keyboard quit working(numbers mostly but not all, and a few letters). I couldn't log in and got freaked out because there were a few docs I needed. Luckily I had a usb keyboard on me and was able to log in.

After getting my data on a usb drive I rebooted the laptop and took off the usb keyboard. Strangely everything seemed to work. Well now I have noticed it happening every couple of reboots.

I just now installed windows xp and have rebooted maybe 10 or more times and it hasn't happened yet. The laptop isn't brand new but its not old either(got it last christmas). I baby this thing, the keys aren't dirty(I dont eat/drink around it) but I cleaned it with compressed air just to make sure.

Anybody else experience anything like this? It seems to be the same keys.

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Re: Keys randomly not working

Post by Husse »

I would normally say this is hardware error - I can think of no software that does this with the possible exception of a keyboard buffer, the cause of which I would guess faulty memory
Can you find any "system" in it at all?
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