Issue with applications starting up upon boot.

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Issue with applications starting up upon boot.

Post by jfv »

Alright- here's a question. (Using XFCE CE Darnya, in case it's relevant.)

Every time I boot up my system, Evolution, Pidgin and Conky start up.

a) They are not in my Autostarted applications list.
b) I am not saving the session as I'm logging out.

So where it is taking the information to start them?

(It's a particular issue because it seems that several instances (6 or 7) of Conky are loaded everytime, and I want to disable this. I'd rather have one instance of it running, but I'd rather have none than 7; I'm hoping not to have to uninstall it altogether.)


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Re: Issue with applications starting up upon boot.

Post by Husse »

I had a similar problem that I remedied (but not fixed, haven't had the time yet) on the main version
I marked save session and made sure nothing was running, and I got rid of the autostarting. But as soon as I don't save the session it reappears....
The first obvious config file I found did not like editing, so I have to look around
One ting you could do is to search in /etc for any text string containing the names of the apps...
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