How do I change the splash screen?

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How do I change the splash screen?

Post by jokersloose »


I was on and was looking through the thousands of art work and wouldn't mind using a splash screen I found. But for the life of me can't find a splash screen option. So where do I go to change this once I have the one I want downloaded?


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Re: How do I change the splash screen?

Post by proxima_centauri »

You can try installing gnome-splashscreen-manager via synaptic, should give you an option from menu under preferences. Install and activate from that program.
Alternatively I think the splash screens are located at /usr/share/pixmaps/splash, so you might be able to see what you are using now, back a backup of it or move it to another folder, move the splash you want into that folder and rename it as the same filename as the original splash.
Or you can just throw your new splash in that folder. open a terminal, put in gconf-editor, go to Apps -> gnome-session -> Options-> and change the splash by typing in you new filename.
Hope any of these help.

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