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New to linux distros

Post by Newbie2Linux »

So why aren't the newer distro's default interface KDE? I noticed that they are all GNOME or Cinnamon (which I think... is also GNOME based?) Just wondering.. Any books or tips for a beginner to read to learn how to use a GNU distro.. er linux? I have this one right here I haven't begun to read it yet but I will soon. ... 0000000000. I've used the search engine to see the differences between KDE & Gnome can't see why the default is GNOME. I'm more interested in the KDE interface but I do not see that it is available for Maya (Mint13). Is there a way to install the interface? Thanks for the help :wink:

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Re: New to linux distros

Post by jonnycat »

Yes, you can always install a different desktop environment to an existing installation. I originally installed Mint12 with KDE, then installed Gnome DE to check it out.

I still have Gnome installed, but I prefer KDE.

The installation method for Mint12 is detailed here: ... x-mint-12/

Basically you install the different DE on the machine, and it is available as a choice when you log in to the machine. Some info on this can be seen for Ubuntu here:

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