(SOLVED)setting up raid0 on linux mint 13

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Re: setting up raid0 on linux mint 13

Post by mintybits »

BTW global settings for your OS are always (almost always?) in /etc. Such as /etc/fstab and /etc/mdadm.

You might ask why this directory is named "etc" rather than something more descriptive like "settings" or "config". :wink:
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Re: setting up raid0 on linux mint 13

Post by Schoza »

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Re: (SOLVED)setting up raid0 on linux mint 13

Post by Ctulhu »

Ok, I am just gonna nag a bit. I am so impressed with all the knowledge and the time people here invest to help newbies like me but I really wish that this time was actually invested by the Mint developers so that one can install their system on a machine that has increasingly more common RAID arrays without all this hassle. I am a fanboy of Linux (Mint and Kubuntu) just as anyone else and convert ppl to those OSs all the time, but it's shit like this that makes ppl wonder about why they should go through the hassle ...
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Re: (SOLVED)setting up raid0 on linux mint 13

Post by karlchen »

<moderator on>

It does not make sense to revive a thread which
+ has been marked as solved
+ has not had any update for the past 4.5 years
+ is about Mint 13
and attach your own problem report and help request to it which is about Mint 18.1.
Therefore mcc85's post has been split off this solved thread and turned into a new thread:
Setting up raid0 on linux mint 18.1

Closing this thread to prevent any further revival.

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