User ID problem after changing Ubuntu --> Mint

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User ID problem after changing Ubuntu --> Mint

Post by johnb0647 »

I've been using Ubuntu since 9.10 and doing each new release as they come. I prefer clean install so long ago I put /home on a separate partition. Then I'd install the new Ubuntu version and give the installer the same login ID and PW. Every time I could boot up and my home folder and all files were ready and waiting for me.

I stopped upgrading after 11.04 because Unity just didn't do it for me and I could still revert to "classic". Today I finally decided I needed to get modern and I did a triple boot install of Mint 13/64 bit/Cinnamon giving me Mint/WinXP/Ubuntu 11.04. I intend to wipe Ubuntu once I'm sure I've got everything working the way I want. I told the Mint installer to use my /home partition which it did. I gave the installer the same login ID and PW.

After the boot I logged in and although it left me in my old HOME folder showing my old Desktop, nothing was accessible and many applications will either not work or are crippled because of "permission" problems. Nautilus, for example, complains it doesn't have permission to write a config file in /root. In Terminal, id shows that I am Mint user 1000 while in Ubuntu I am user 1001.

So what's the easiest thing to do? Is there any easy way to change my Mint id to 1001? I suppose I could change the current login ID from JOHNB to TRASH, then create a new user JOHNB which I assume would have ID 1001, then delete user TRASH after testing. But probably the first step will change my HOME folder to /home/TRASH and I would have solved nothing.

I could still wipe the Mint install and do it over if there is a way to avoid the problem.

Or do I have to change the owner of all those files?

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Re: User ID problem after changing Ubuntu --> Mint

Post by remoulder »

I would recommend you create a new user with new home for mint 13 and copy only the personal data, not any configurations, from your old home. Ubuntu 11.04 is based on gnome 2, mint 13 on gnome 3 and old configuration data for both system and applications is likely to lead to problems.
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