3D hardware acceleration.

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Surreal Killa
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3D hardware acceleration.

Postby Surreal Killa » Tue Apr 08, 2008 2:26 am

Well the entire time I've been using Linux I've never been able to play most of the Linux games. There's either one problem or another. But it seems to do a lot with 3D hardware acceleration. I install the driver for my ATI Radeon X300 (xorg-driver-fglrx) and I can enable the Extra Visual Effects no problem (I have to install xserver-xgl for this) but basically it all works and I get the max resolution for my monitor and everything seems good. But like I said I have problems with games. Well I've also tried installing the closed-source Linux driver for my card ATI provides and this results in nothing but a black screen. So then I tried using Envy, I installed the driver on the default settings and it basically worked the same as installing xorg-driver-fglrx, no change. I then tried changing some settings and it resulted in the black screen again (of course all these new driver installs were on fresh Linux installs). I just today installed Cedega and it did a test on my computer and everything passed except the OpenGL direct rendering. It said fail. Although I saw the box pop up and the 3 gears turning around fine, but it said fail. So I'm wondering what's going on and if I can fix this at all. Hope someone can help me.

I do plan on buying a new computer someday soon, and it will be an nVidia card so I'm hoping I won't have the same sort of problems.

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Re: 3D hardware acceleration.

Postby Husse » Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:54 am

I do not have much time today so this is just a half answer
ATI cards used to be able to either show up Compiz or play games - not both
Check in the forum for ATI and compiz - perhaps best done from the start page
(also if you use the nick Lolo Uila in the search it helps)
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