Problems with Themes (Prolly Newbie Question)

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Problems with Themes (Prolly Newbie Question)

Postby lord0fpie » Tue Apr 08, 2008 8:43 pm

So, I got bored of the default themes of linux mint. I heard that linux mint, as well as ubuntu, could be skinned, so I thought, hey! i should go to
All was well until I attempted to install a skin. When I tried to apply the theme, nothing really happened. I mean, some things themed, like the taskbar, but others did not. How can I get Icon themes to work? I will post links to the things I tried to install. ... tent=70611 ... tent=44570 ... tent=32146

Thanks. Also, how do I install other things, like widgets or (I think) screenlets?
I wanted to install this one: ... tent=67250

Thanks for your help!

Linux mint is ahead of my expectations, everything else is going great!

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Re: Problems with Themes (Prolly Newbie Question)

Postby Slocker » Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:47 am

If you want to install in your user an icon theme uncompress the file where the icons are stored in:

And if you want GTK2 themes or Metacity themes, uncompress the files here:

(Notice in both the dot. I mean is /home/<your_user>/doticons)

Then go to Menu > Preferences > Apearance, and click on customize, I don't know how it is in English. The button just left to the 'Install...' one. And there you can choose the Window theme, the GTK theme, and the icon theme ;).
Alex Slocker

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Re: Problems with Themes (Prolly Newbie Question)

Postby stevenofnine » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:02 am

It may be easier for you, as a new user, to install through the Theme Management software/interface.

Right click the desktop, select Change Desktop background from the options.

The window that comes up has
Theme : Background : Fonts : Interface : Visual Effects Tabs.

Select the leftmost tab: Theme

At bottom left of the window will be Install...

Click this, and navigate to the .gz or other compressed file you have downloaded. The programme interface will unpack install and place the Icons/Windows/Decorations in the correct file location.

You can also delete material you don't like or no longer use from this interface.

If you have any particular trouble, come back and ask.

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