not letting me boot to gnome desktop even though i installed

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not letting me boot to gnome desktop even though i installed

Postby Huntered67 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 9:41 pm

ok so, i was having many woes and troubles installing mint on my computer. being easily agitated, i loaded up my hard drive and drove to my friends house, liveCD in hand. i plugged up my drive and booted to the cd, it worked perfectly and i installed Mint 4.0 with ease.

upon arrival to my house, i found the HD still had mint on there, and would boot right up as normal to the first splash (selecting whether or not to go with the regular, recovery, or memtest...) naturally i tried to do the normal one and things were going good until it spit my out into a CLI asking for my login and then password, after entering those, it gave me a terminal driectory thing (blah blah blah-desktop:...)

im thinking maybe issues between the video card difference in my friends and my cards. we both have the same make and model processor and everything ele, but his card is nvidia and mine is an older ATI
I before E, except after C.... weird

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Re: not letting me boot to gnome desktop even though i installed

Postby sundayrefugee » Fri Apr 11, 2008 4:19 am

When you say "and everything else", do you also mean motherboard? And if so, do you have advanced power saving options in your BIOS? What make and model are your processor?

Also, while I've found Linux more hardware-resiliant than Windows (XP would have simply choked and died if you had tried that with it...), I'm not surprised that it fails to boot having installed it on another person's computer ;) We're better off getting it cleanly installed on *your* computer ;)

Can you post as many of your computer specs as you can, for starters? Then any specific error messages you can remember?

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