Can't set 12.04 Home as Maya /Home after installing LM13

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Can't set 12.04 Home as Maya /Home after installing LM13

Post by Nyarlathotep » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:09 pm

Hi all,

First post and I wish it wasn't so stupid. Been an Ubuntu user for some years, but 12.04 did me in and I made a snap decision without much forethought to install Maya today, while trying out the Live DVD.

On 12.04 I had a seperate Home partition.

After installing Maya I kind of assumed I'd be able to set my old Ubuntu Home partition as my Maya Home. I do not seem to be able to figure out how. It occurs to me I might have had to unmount the Home Partition or somesuch?

I installed GParted and can see the old Home, and indeed it still has the label of Home. But there's nothing in the Mount Point field and I'm not sure which of the list of checkboxes available I should check Manage Flags. Or is there something else I should do to make my old Home folder with all my documents act as my new Home folder?

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Re: Can't set 12.04 Home as Maya /Home after installing LM13

Post by irishwoody » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:22 am

The following may help you, ... ome/Moving

btw good idea to back up your "real" home partition just in case something goes wrong - but you know that eh ?


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Re: Can't set 12.04 Home as Maya /Home after installing LM13

Post by AlbertP » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:21 am

In fact you should have mounted it during the installation. If you want to move your Mint home folder to the new partition, you can use this tutorial:
You can skip the steps for creating a partition, as the partition is already present at you.

Of course you could also just mount the old home partition in /etc/fstab, but then it has kept all user settings from Ubuntu, which may not work on Mint (on Mint 13 it wouldn't be able to launch Unity, for example).
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